Dientes de Navarino Trekking

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Dientes de Navarino Trekking  Circuit in the Isla Navarino
Dientes de Navarino Trekking Circuit in the Isla Navarino, chile, south side Beagle Channel

This trek is an absolutely wonderful place – the views over the Cape Horn archipelago are stunning and the landscapes changes rapidly so it feels as if you’ve covered even more ground than you really do.
Dientes de Navarino is a wonderful, but very demanding 5-6 days trek, only for seasoned trekkers. The challenge: the extremely variable weather (sub Antarctic), you have a sunny day, no wind and in less 10 minutes you can endure a blizzard, or thick fog and so.

Itinerary & Description

Day 1: Ushuaia to Puerto Williams.
This day we cross the Beagle channel, from Ushuaia.
Day 2: Puerto Williams to the Dientes de Navarino peaks.
After four to five hours we reach Laguna del Salto to pitch camp near the lake.
Day 3: Dientes de Navarino peaks to Laguna Martillo.
Our goal for today is Lago Martillo, which we will reach after five or six hours.
Day 4: Laguna Martillo to Paso Virginia.
At Paso Virginia we reach the highest point of the Dientes Circuit at 2,870 feet (859m). The wind has created a moon scenery. We can see Cordillera Darwin and Ushuaia. We spend the night in the forest, out of the wind (5 hours).
Day 5: Paso Virginia to Puerto Williams.
Hike to the Beagle Channel and Puerto Williams (5 to 6 hours).
Day 6: Puerto Williams to Ushuaia.

Distancia total: 38376 m
Elevación máxima: 853 m
Ascenso total: 2482 m

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